“Saving lives through water rescue equipment”

IONICⓇ Rescue USA is a division of GP Import/Export, LLC, which was established in 1999. Gp Import/Export has been the exclusive exporter of U.S. made rescue boats throughout the world since 2015. In 2015, the principals of GP Import/Export attended InterShutz in Hannover Germany. That resulted  in efforts to bring the IONICⓇ Rescue equipment to the United States market.


IONICⓇ Rescue USA is not the sole importer and distributer of the IONICⓇ Rescue Equipment. Through competent innovation and product development, IONICⓇ and its parent company have recorded a number of industry first’s which include: First to launch a dedicated Rescue PFD with integrated Crotch Straps certified to ISO:12402; First to launch the hugely successful “Flood Suit” used by many rescue organizations; First to introduce a dedicated quick release water operations safety boot; First to supply telescopic wading poles and first to design and supply specifically designed emergency services inflatable lifejackets.


Our professional users work in environments where the reliability and durability of their equipment is critical to their safety and the safety of others. Industrial marine workers, Public Safety Professionals such as Police Officers, Firefighters, and Water Rescue Teams-we are “Trusted by the Best”.


IONICⓇ creates solutions catered to their specific requirements; our company ethos is that rescue personnel deserve only the best equipment that delivers optimal performance time after time while they are doing what they do best-saving lives.


Alongside our own “IONICⓇ” branded water rescue products, we also have a wide network of additional suppliers which provide us with a range of complimentary products, allowing us to provide a “One Stop Shop” option as well as providing both servicing and product support throughout the working lifespan of the products we supply.


We offer more than just products- we provide trusted, reliable and comprehensive solutions that are among the most innovative in the industry. Many are researched, designed, tested, and manufactured right where they are conceived.


IONICⓇ Rescue USA has an excellent track record in the industry and is a company that you can trust.

by Professionals for Professionals




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