The ResQcraft has been developed to meet the requirements of global rescue services where maximum load capacity, minimal transportation requirements and speed of deployment are all critical. The ultra tough craft is manufactured using Hypalon fabric and is ready for deployment in its standard specification or can be further enhanced with a range of optional extras. All crafts come manufactured with a 15cm drop thread floor to enhance the rigidity.


The ResQcrafts are currently being used by many Fire & Rescue Services throughout the UK after finding that the boats performance exceeds the required DEFRA guidelines. All ResQcraft come with a 5 year limited warranty.


  • Length: 5m

  • Internal lifelines x 2 with 4 x Stainless Steel “D” Ring Attachment Points

  • External Lifeline x 2 with 4 x Stainless Steel “D” Ring Attachment Points

  • Internal Deck Lifeline with 2 x Stainless Steel “D” Ring Attachment Points

  • Port Side Deck Mounted Fuel Tank Securing Straps

  • Paddle Stowage Points x 2

  • Full Length T Bar Paddle x 2

  • Front Towing Patches x 3

  • Transom Mounted Marine Grade Stainless Steel Towing Eyes

  • Grab / Carry Handles x 9

  • Flip Lines & Stowage Pouches x 2

  • Reflective Flip Line Location Arrows x 2

  • Bow Line (fitted to the centre towing ring)

  • Drainage Socks x 2

  • Drain Plug

  • Transom Spray Flaps

  • External Rubber Protective Tube Strake

  • Aluminium Keel Protection Plate

  • Internal Aluminium Engine Mounting Plate

  • External Transom Composite Mounting Plate

  • 40mm Composite Moulded Transom for Long Shaft Engines

  • Valve ID Patches

  • Full Length Rubber Keel Strake

  • Fuel Bladder Attaching Points x 2 (Port side fitted towards the stern)

  • Reflective Tape Fitted to Sponsons

  • Sponson Seat Patch x 6

  • Colour Options – Red/Black, Black, Orange/Black, Yellow/Black, Blue/Black, Green/Black

  • Hand inflation Pump

  • Stowage / Carrying Valise

  • Repair Kit / User Manual

  • Craft ID HIN Plate (Mounted on rear port side tube)


Optional Extras:

  • Logo Patches x 2

  • Compact Inflation Kit for use with Compressed Air Cylinders

  • Emergency Telescopic Paddles

  • Extra T Handle Paddles

  • Floating Towing Bridle

  • Anchor & Stowage Bag

  • Extra Grab / Carrying Handles

  • Extra Marine Grade Stainless Steel “D” Rings

  • Rear Towing Patches

  • Short Shaft Transom

  • Heavy Duty “D” Shape Bow Strake

5m ResQcraft

SKU: SAF38010



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