The ResQpath 2 is a versatile multi chamber inflatable rescue platform/path used by the majority of the rescue services for accessing casualties during rescue on the water, mud, ice and unstable ground.

The inflatable deck has two tapered sponsons running length ways down the underside of the path. This design provides exceptional stability on water, especially during casualty recovery. It also offers 30cm clearance on ice, mud flats and unstable terrain. The tapered sponsons have double skin on the contact area and the tapered design reduces suction, making the path easier to manoeuvre.


The ResQpath 2 has a non-slip, abrasion resistant deck and underside for optimum durability and is available in both 3m and 5m versions. For increased capacity several inflatable paths can be connected using the “D” ring attachment points located on the deck. The ResQpath can either be connected length ways to extend the path, or sideways to create a rescue raft, making it a truly versatile piece of rescue equipment.


The ResQpath is both compact and portable, packing away neatly into the carrying valise provided. It can be inflated and deployed quickly allowing rescue personnel access to the casualty quickly or it can also be used as an emergency pontoon.


Weight: 36kg

Dimensions: 5m x 1.4m

Packed Dimensions: 80cm x 60cm x 45cm

Air Volume: 1150L


  • Carrying Handles x 8

  • Lifelines x 2

  • Twin Sponsons

  • Reflective solas tape

  • Attachment D rings x 4

  • Inflation hand pump

  • Stowage / carrying valise

  • Repair kit

5M ResQpath 2

SKU: SAF38067



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