The Mass Raft (MCR) provides a highly effective solution for Rescue Teams responding to incidents involving larger numbers of immersed casualties. Unlike life-rafts which are designed to remain in one position, the MCR-60 can be manoeuvred and towed at speed, increasing the capacity and capability of responding craft.


The MCR-60 abilities enable casualties to be quickly evacuated away from hazards, in a way that conventional like rafts would not be able to match. The MCR-60 is robust enough to use in moving water conditions and for regular rescue training exercises. It is easy to service and maintain and can be easily repacked at site. The features reduce overall costs whilst maintaining operational capability.


Weight: 188kg

Dimensions: 9m x 3m

Packed Dimensions: 1m x 1m x 1.8cm

Max Payload: 5100kg

Capacity: 60 person

Inflation: CO2 / Electric pump

60 Person Mass Casualty Evacuation Raft

SKU: SAF38013



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