The Inflatable Landing Craft provides a highly effective solution for operational teams moving equipment over rivers, lakes, inshore coastal waters and flood zones. The front drop down ramp design makes it suitable for loading small vehicles such as quad bikes or large items of equipment such as generators or even livestock or marine mammals.

Designed for stability and manoeuvrability, the ILC-600 incorporates heavy-duty keel sections and high-volume side tubes, which provide excellent hull tracking and performance when operating in shallows or adverse conditions.


The ILC-600 can be transported in a packed state on a vehicle load-bed, road trailer or on the deck of a vessel.


Set-up using HP single point inflation allows the ILC-600 to be deployed rapidly when used in Flood interventions and other emergencies.


The design enables equipment to be effectively loaded from un-made shore positions and transferred safety through a range of water conditions.


Options include: Ice field protection package, Rapid Reflate System, Secure Point Transfer System


Weight: 144kg

Dimensions: 6.7m x 3.15m

Packed Dimensions: 200cm x 80cm x 80cm

Max Payload: 2000kg
Capacity: 20 person
Max Speed Unladen: Up to 18 knots
Max Speed Laden: Up to 16 knots
Inflation: CO2 / Electric pump

Inflatable Landing Craft

SKU: SAF38065



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