The Aquasafe Hose Inflation Systems have been designed and developed to provide a simple yet effective means of providing a downstream safety boom or floating rescue aid using a standard length of Layflat fire hose.


The Aquasafe hose inflation system enables the fire hose to be sealed at both ends with 2 tails. The male tail end is supplied in yellow for clear identification and increased visibility when in use. The system has a working pressure of 40 psi and is inflated using the inflation kit supplied with the system which is fitted with a pressure regulator pre-set at 9 bar. The female tail end is fitted with an inflation valve and PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) which is set at 40 psi. 


The system is both compact and easy to use and has all the required integrated safety features to prevent the risk of over inflation in the system. The system is available with either Instantaneous couplings or Storz couplings depending upon the fire hose systems in use. This Aquasafe hose inflation system has a variety of uses for water, ice and mud rescue operations.

Instantaneous Coupling System

SKU: SAF66012



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