We can supply full Mud Rescue kits to customer requirement for use in conjunction with Compressed Air from BA cylinders or Water from Fire Appliance Hose reels or 9 Liter Stainless Steel Fire Extinguishers with quick release couplings fitted, depending on customer requirements.


Used by many Fire Services and Rescue Organizations as an effective means of rescue from mud or soft ground.


  • combines a Stainless Steel T Bar with On/Off Ball valves. 500mm extension and a 500mm perforated probe

  • 300 Bar BA regulators and Charge hoses with quick release fittings are supplied

  • 1200mm perforated probes can be supplied as optional

  • Existing kits are currently being used by Fire Services, Coastguard, and other Emergency services

Single Fitting Stainless Steel Mud Lance Water Pressure Fitting

SKU: SAF62023



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